Friday, September 2, 2011

My View about writing reviews

Watching movies online or in theater and writing review is an easy task , many of us will do so, saying that as freedom to speak and write .which I had also did in the past . But now I had stopped doing that stupidity . Because making a movie is not an easy task it needs a real dedication, team work, perfect coordination and more over Vitamin M .

Now a day’s many of the reviewers they doesn’t know the back drop and just start writing because they got the free Blog or forum , office internet and computer . Then I realized when these things become money most of these reviews will vanish . I had did an small study on this blog and other online community , I had put forwarded few questions like

How do you know about blog ? and why you started blog ?

Most of the answer was my friend had introduced me to blog and then I just started

Whether you will do blogging when it become paid service ?

The answer is as expected , NO. because I am writing just of time pass , for that why should I waste money

Do you have internet and personal computer ?

This is somewhat ok , the answer is “Ya I have “ , in that few have only computer and no internet .

So the Conclusion , Office is the main place of the bloggers , they are blogging because its free . it’s not their problem also its our hereditary problem . we are selling our vote of color TV (Even though we have LED TV in home ) , fridge , mixer and that goes on.. why not free blogging …

You might think what this idiot is writing like this . the reason is I had been trying to make an short film for the past 2 years which I cont make it I realized the pain behind , so guys before writing or commenting about the movies at least read some books about the movie making [paid service ] , online articles [free service ] . After reading , if you still feels you are brilliant in making movies then start writing .

Cheers !