Sunday, November 17, 2013


I am writing after a very long time ,  the key  element   behind  this is loneliness .  I feel very lonely after a long time ,my wife  and daughter went to India for a long vacation   and  my other lonely companion is Johnny walker ,which I  had quit some time before  .

Most of the time  now  I prefer to do some office work or to discuss something with friends and I start going to gym just to engage myself  to avoid lonely ,but still I have  to spend some lonely time .which I feel , a short  break  in relation will deepen   the relation much and deepen the love .

This time after marriage and have a lovely daughter , I feel  I am more matured in managing my time and day today activities , I remember what I had did when I am bachelor , expecting for the weekend ,wandering outside till mid night and going late to office every now and then  and getting excuses  for my mistake . I am not telling that, I had changed in every bit of my life , but there is some change .

I don’t know what I had written , but  writing is also like boozing  , it definitely  kill  the loneliness . I enjoy this hearing some good music and writing is a nice feel .hope i will write in coming days.