Monday, February 18, 2008

Fishing is my hobby , I am not sure when I had started fishing .But I remember when I was a small boy I used to go for fishing with my uncle and brother in our village .

We used to buy only hook for 50 fils and for the line we use some threads which my grand pa used to create big rope, and for the rod we used to cut some bamboo sticks and for weight we use stone and for fish food we use earth worm This is how I used to strat fishing That to not in sea , in ponds and rivers, the things went well till I am in school , when I reached the college I didn’t get a chance for fishing , since I was concentrating on my studies (Haha Summa)after college then work that to in Chennai so there is no chance to go for fishing ..

Now things has changed

I bought an 5.5 meter fishing rod and a line and 3 layered hook and with real and prawn as fish food now it’s not fresh water fishing it’s in sea. Before 3 years only I had learned the few terms in fishing from my friend Mardhu, This Guy he loves fishing and he had imported a fishing rod form US such a guy. And now he is in US working as a Software Engg . And he is doing some good fishing too .

Mardhu Photo

I was very much admired by the way he learns fishing and collect the Equipments. Maybe he is the man who inspired me in recollecting my childhood hobby.

Previously my ultimate aim is to catch only as much fish as i can and now the things has changes now I had learned how to throw the line and how to role the real and how the check whether there is a fish and all those small technique in fishing and what type of weather and sea condition is ideal for fishing, these helps me lot in getting good fishes.

I am not very good in fishing but I do so. If possible I will write more about fishing this is the snaps which we took during fishing in Oman


Divya said...

are u the orange colur t-shirt guy holding the big fish??

Prabakar Samiyappan said...

no that is my friend,who thought me lot about fishing...i am in white t-shirt