Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Bosses

These are the characters of the few Worst and the cheap mentality bosses.

* The Bosses are always right .
* They don’t like the word TEAM,
* They want to say, to their team as he/ she is the boss even every day or every moment
* If employee come late to office they will be questioning employee , even it doesn’t matter at what time you left previous day . This they will call as flexy timing
* Since your are working in their team they thinks there is no other option for you
* When ever they call you to office... then employee should be there, no matter where the employee is and what you are doing at that time, they are like ----- on your ass

* They will assign some useless work at the last moment of the day.
* They doesn’t know how to give priorities the work .
* Who compares the employees work and make an ego clash between the employees
* Who doesn’t know how to maintain the culture among the employees?
* Who interferes more in your personal things then your work
* Who doesn’t accepts fresh thought and ideas ,even they know that’s good for the company
* They look for candidate who is not good in communication and technology also, so that the canditate will not talk more and accepts all the things which the boss says.....
* If employee give your resignation then from that moment onwards they will treat the employee as if you have did some thing wrong.

Find out who you are???????????????? Act smart and avoid these things ……….

* After you submit your resignation their approach changes with the employee
* They will try to do some nasty things before the employee leaves the company , that may be in your benefits or in the Work or any thing else
* When the boss is wrong refer the first point

Who are they? How they came to this position?

* The company may have promoted him if there is no other option for them
* who may came directly to the position with out working in any of the position before
* who feels insecure about their position
* who doesn’t have enough capability to be in that position what they are now
* Who came to that position with some other source

These points are only few things which I had seen and heard, there may be many things like this, in the next article I will write about how to deal with this stupid and how to teach lesson to this peoples,
Note: if any of my words hurts any one I feel extremely sorry for that