Sunday, June 15, 2008


I don’t want to write the entire story as you can see in lot of website about the story outline . I am not such a big guy to write comments for Kamala Hassan Movies. I know writing comments is easier than doing the things, but sorry Mr Kamal this is our time

I used to watch kamal movies only for the story and acting, but there is no strong Story in this it’s a big miss

You are famous for your strong story line and KSR is famous for his masala here KSR has scored good marks then you , again he had proved that he is an good masala Director with an good item song and logic less comedies

You can show the Actress as innocent and cute, Audience will like that but, Asin is shown as stupid

Our police department is not good I accept that, but showing them stupid comedian is not acceptable, since you had acted as an intelligent police cob in your previous movie how can you can portrait like this

If you are taking Science Fiction Movie , Logic is the must But there is no logic in many places like security breach in the lab , and how he comes to Chennai

Graphics means it should give a Virtual feel that the things are there, but where ever the graphics came we can easy find that.

The best part in the movie is the Chola Rajas period, That is excellent , that kamal and Napoleon had did their part excellently

We can see the Moulies / Cracy mohans Style of Dialogs in may place,

Unwanted Kamal - None of there characters make much impact

Villan Kamal
George W Bush (No Need )
Japanese Kamal (No Need )
CBI Office Kamal
Old Lady Kamal
Annachi Kamal (No Need )
Tall Kamal (No Need )
Singer Kamal (No Need )

I don’t know why media had given unwanted Hype for the movie; I think that it had raised the expectation for the movie over all from my point of view movie is
“Logic less fancy dress compotation “


prabhuraj said...

“Logic less fancy dress competition “

-- Nice review.Keep it up

Prabakar Samiyappan said...

Thanks Prabhu !